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Program Topics

Programs Location

2024 Program Location is in Indian Land, South Carolina

2024 Program Dates

Programs are held twice a year.
Program classes are held one weekend each month, for 4 months.
Classes are held from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Winter 2023 Program: To be announced?

1. : Glorious Grains
2. : Vegetables from the Land & Sea
3. : The World of Beans & Vegan Proteins
4. : Kitchen Pharmacy & Festive Food

Price: $2,997

Program Topics

Our 4-Month Plant-Based Cooking Program provides experience in the following areas:

Month 1  Glorious Grains
In the first month, you will be introduced to basic knife skills and knife care, kitchen equipment and set up, kitchen safety and sanitation, and everything there is to know about whole grains (such as brown rice,?quinoa and millet) and grain products (such as noodles and polenta), including gluten free options. You will discover the variety of whole grains and how to select, store and prepare them, as well as their nutritional benefits.

Month 2 Vegetables from the Land & Sea
Let?s hear it for antioxidants! In the second month you will be introduced to the nutritious vegetable kingdom, including root vegetables, leafy greens, ground/round vegetables and sea vegetables. Vegetables will be demystified as you discover versatile ways to make them delicious, using both cooking and raw food preparation methods. Selection, storage and nutritional benefits will be covered in depth.

Month 3 The World of Beans & Vegan Proteins
From soups to desserts, learn how to make beans a delicious part of your weekly menus. These powerhouses of protein include beans such as lentils, split peas, pinto beans, garbanzo beans and black beans. You?ll also discover how delicious tofu, tempeh and seitan can be. We cover cooking methods, selection, storage, food presentation and nutritional benefits.

Month 4  Kitchen Pharmacy & Festive Food
Learn how every day food items may help to improve everything from the common cold to digestive issues and more. We will share with you powerful food remedies that will help you glow from the inside out. You will also learn about festive food ideas for entertaining and holidays, to make your next gathering super special, plant-based-style!

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